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December 27, 2005

Merry Christmas

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Hope everyone has had a great Christmas. I know I did. My new toy. Bouncing back and forth between in-laws and parents for the last week has left me with a lingering cold and generous amounts of fatigue. Our house looks like Santa asploded a bomb in our living room. But it’s great – nothing comes close to the joy the season brings on so many fronts. Spending time with famly & old friends, giving & receiving gifts, copious amounts of incredible food and great photos to remember it all by.

Kristin and I are in the early stages of soliciting bids to have our Kitchen and upstairs Bathroom remodeled. So far we’ve had some positive leads and are working on a few more. I am thrilled at the thought of having a new kitchen and bathroom. Call me a nerd, but it just gets me going.

I have to make some comments here on Comcast. In general, I’m not a big fan of big business. Especially the cable companies. The last several months our high-speed internet service has been spotty. Some days it’ll go out for minutes/hours and other days it will be out all day long. Very strange. I finally bucked up and called the customer service line, which I’d feared for so long. (I hate talking to inexperienced, mostly foreign tech support folks. It drives me nuts) This was a different experience. The folks I spoke with were knowledgable and friendly and to the point. At first they diagnosed some issues with our line, then a technician came to check it out. Not only did he figure the problem was on the line pole (the signal was fluxuating quite a bit) but he installed a nice splitter and line filter on my line for free. Then when things didn’t change after a few days, I called tech support once more and in about 10 minutes I was up and running again. So far no hiccups… let’s keep our fingers crossed. Thanks Comcast. (I can’t believe I just said that)

December 7, 2005


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We just got a Canon 20D Digital SLR camera at work. Man, this thing is so sweet.