Found In the Woods

February 26, 2010

Wake up

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I purchased my first album on iTunes today. Riceboy Sleeps, by J√≥nsi & Alex. This album is one of those moody, reverberating mood pieces that is just so pleasant to listen to. This one has moments where you’re transported into the center of the earth then floating high up in the rafters of some ancient cathedral, the whole while completely wrapped up and drenched with sound. The movement of the music in this album feels very much like the rhythm of ocean waves; somewhat regular, but varying enough so as to not be enough to set your watch by. Some of the textures remind me of Neil Young’s soundtrack to Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man where you feel immersed in an environment where the sound just wraps around you, tantalizing and soothing. Many albums fit this criteria, some do a better job than others at successfully mind-melding with the listener and offering some form of aural transcendence, but this one does the job and does it well. I’ve given it a good once through, and now I’m in for my second, eager to feel that warm fuzzy wrap around me and take me to another place.