Found In the Woods

April 4, 2007

… and Redemption

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(This is a follow up to “Regret” posted here on June 15, 2005) Sometimes a man regrets a decision he’s made. Sometimes that decision seems trivial to others because they don’t understand all the motives and meaning behind it. When I traded away my original set of D&D manuals I regretted it almost immediately. I’ve regretted it since then for some reason.

Enter the internets and the wonderful world of eBay. I’m an eBay whore. I’ve bought a lot of stuff off there and sold even more. I’ve got several saved searches running constantly (mainly looking for railroad related paraphenalia) and I’m always checking to find odd stuff up there. It hadn’t dawned on me to look there to replace the D&D manuals which I traded away so long ago, but one day it did. And bingo! There they were. Someone was selling them, in near mint condition, for a reasonable price. I had to bid. How could I not? So I did… and I ended up winning them. Don’t ask how much I paid, because it’s not important. What is important is that I redeemed myself. My materialistic regret was satisfied. Oh, and while I was at it, I replaced my lost/stolen copy of Squad Leader (ca. 1977). I love eBay.