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September 29, 2006

“Worst-Cosmic Wars-Ever! I will only see it three more times… today.”

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Randall CurtisI have been trying out a Jedi Mind Trick on George Lucas for the last several years or so, hoping to get him to release the first three Star Wars films (New Hope, Empire & Jedi) in their ORIGINAL format on DVD. Well, finally it worked. Get 'em while they're hot!

Episode iV: A New Hope

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

* I think it's funny that the Original, unedited theatrical versions of the movies are on the "Extras" disc in these releases. Silly George. Well, at least we got 'em! 

New Life

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My iPod has what so many iPod owners have had, a senile battery. I purchased this 15GB iPod back in March of 2004. it's a 3rd Generation model, with the four buttons above the scroll wheel. The only series built with this configuration. The next generation used the single click/scroll wheel; a design they still use today.

So this thing gets an awful lot of use. I installed an interface in my VW so that I could take it on the road. I've since stopped listening to CDs and the radio. I got a set of Etymotic Research ER6i headphones so I could listen at night and not disturb my wife. I plug it in when i get to work in the morning and remove it when I leave. Every day. I use it for listening to music, calendar, address book and for transferring files. It's a tool I use every single day and I love it.

So, a few weeks ago when it started misbehaving, I knew it needed a new battery. The strange, recurring behavior that really pushed me over the edge would happen nearly each night as I was listening to the iPod going to bed. When I turn it on, the battery level looked fine and the unit behaved fine. When I would select a song, it would begin playing and then the iPod would suddenly reset itself. On one occasion it reset itself and then started playing with the volume turned all the way up. This is particularly nasty with the in-ear headphones. Ouch. This reset behavior would happen 3-5 times before the unit would finally play a song. Then the battery indicator would read "empty" and would begin to go up. Occasionally after a song or two, the unit would reset itself again. This even happened a few times in my car while plugged into a charger adapter. I'd had enough.

iPod on the operating table

So after considering the Apple $66 iPod Battery Replacement rip-off I decided to go with a tried and true source, Other World Computing. My friend Paul reminded me of their iPod replacement batteries which sell for $30 shipped! And, they come with a set of nylon DIY tools. There's even videos on their site to show how to do it (and just how EASY it is). I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone who's iPod battery is on the fritz and is willing to crack it open and have a try. The install only took me about 5 minutes and was incredibly simple thanks to OWC's instructions and tools. It's also fun to see the guts of the iPod.

September 28, 2006


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Kids, This is one of my fav animations. It's set to some audio from a World of Warcraft raid leader who goes NUTS when his raid falls apart. It's really funny. CAUTION – contains expletives and coarse imagery.

Click to Play!

September 27, 2006

My New Favorite Toy

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HamachiX logoI read a recent post in about this really nice, simple VPN client called HamachiX . I have played with it a little bit and so far I'm impressed. I can access files remotely and more importantly, access my iTunes library from anywhere! This is especially great at work when I'm in the mood for different music all day long and get frustrated when I forgot to load something on my iPod. This is something that I've wanted to do for a long time. I just hope that I don't kill all the bandwith at work. 🙂 So, I recommend you check this out! There is a PC version as well as others.  

September 19, 2006


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Don't you forget, ye scallywags, today be the day !

Now This is Depressing

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Has it realy come to this?!

Slimming filter for HP cameras makes people skinnier (via Boing Boing)

Whatever Makes You Happy

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Rockville High School Sign Destroyed

A week ago Saturday night vandals destroyed a $50,000 electric billboard type sign out in front of Rockville High school which is near our house. This comes as no surprise to me. About two years ago the sign was installed in front of the newly renovated and expanded high school on Baltimore Rd. One day, on our way to church, I saw the sign and immediately turned to Kris and said "oh, that's a mistake. That thing will be destroyed in a couple years, I guarantee it." Many kids have no respect for personal property, and something so public and well known is a great target for some trouble making kids. Trust me, I know.

But my real beef is … $50,000 sign!? Did you just say fifty thousand dollars?! Who is the genius that had the brilliant idea that a HIGH SCHOOL needs a $50k sign out front to tell us when the next PTA meeting is and that kids have off next Monday for Columbus day? A High School is not a moneymaking venture. This is needless spending at its worst. I'm glad that sign is busted. The folks up in arms about it need a reality check. There's no need for something so extravagant and it was a total waste of money, no matter where it came from. Sorry folks, next time try brick and mortar – it lasts a lot longer. At least they could have covered it with a protective plastic case!? Come on! $50 grand and you can't do it right.

Here is the response from a community group: 

Subject: Vandalism at Rockville High School Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 14:29:46 +0000
Elementary school reps: Please send this to your listserve moderators.
We want the entire community to know about this and to be involved in it.

Dear RHS Community,

This past Saturday night, vandals destroyed the electronic sign in front of the school. Dr. Munk has said that initial estimates put the cost of repair well in excess of $30,000.

This thoughtless act harms all members of our community, but most of all, it hurts our children. The electronic sign, like the building itself, just a little more than two years old, was a great source of pride for our students.

I am sure everyone will agree that whoever perpetrated this act needs to be brought to justice. The sooner this happens, the better. We can ill afford having criminal acts such as this repeated in our neighbor, to our school, where it affects the ones we love the most.

In all likelihood, if the perpetrators are students, they will brag of their exploits to friends, and word soon will spread among the student body concerning who is responsible for this despicable act. Accordingly, I encourage every parent in our community to speak with your children tonight and ask if they have heard anything about who may be responsible. If they know of anything, please call Dr. Munk or the Montgomery County Police and let them know.

Thank you.

September 12, 2006


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I'm not too familiar with Keith Olbermann, but I thought this commentary was passionate and well put. I voted for Bush. Twice. I'm not a huge Bush-hater, but I'm not enamored with him either.

September 7, 2006

Unforgettable color photos from the 1940s

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A year ago I stumbled on a collection of color photos from the 1940s. My primary interests are in the Railroad related images , which are simply amazing. They are some of the most wonderful photos I have ever seen. The clarity and quality of the images are outstanding. The subject matter is incredibly varied. I spent a half hour just trying to remember what the URL was and why I hadn't jotted it down. So, I'm posting it here in an effort to maintain it for the future. Enjoy!

The color photographs of the Farm Security Administration-Office of War Information Collection