Found In the Woods

June 16, 2009

Heavy Lifting

Filed under: WoW — bsullivan @ 3:24 pm

Let me set the scene… You’re in a raid and you’ve just downed a new boss. You clicky on the boss to see what he dropped and you see it’s a cloth item. You wear cloth. It’s a head piece. Your head piece is already pretty good, but you wear cloth! It’s a DPS caster piece. You’re a DPS caster! OMG! Well, the loot master is calling for rolls on the item now, time is ticking and you are going cross eyed. Do you roll? Is it an upgrade? Is it a cross-grade? Is it a downgrade? Does that dirt-eating warlock need it more? I’m gonna give you my own perspective on some of these things as well as try to help you understand how I personally figure out what loot I roll on, what I search for and how I do it.