Found In the Woods

April 2, 2010

Look at the Sky

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Today’s choice, like so many other days, this song sets the scene. One of my all-time favorite remixes of one of my all-time favorite artists, Ulrich Schnauss. Anyway, this remix is by Rob McVey, from Long-View, and is found on the Quicksand Memory EP by Schnauss. One amazing track. Enjoy!

July 24, 2008

Oh, So Sweet

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An old standard fav of mine, Matthew Sweet, has an upcoming album release; Sunshine Lies, due Aug 26, 2008. From the sound of the three samples on the site, he’s still got that fun, intense, melodic structure to his songwriting and sound. I always enjoyed the moody, bouncy melodies and clever harmonies, always well placed, he injects into his songs.

I became a fan of his when I heard Girlfriend on MTV (as so many other people) which caused me to go out and buy the single. Fell in love with his work and got to be an even bigger fan in college with his release of Altered Beast and 100% Fun. Even when he went off on a tangent and formed Blue Sky on Mars I followed. Thanks to him, my ears were nearly blown out at a small club show at the Stone Baloon in Newark, DE. They had a getup for a much larger venue, where the stage at the SB was merely a small platform in a bar. He pretty much faded off my radar at that point, as did his commercial success. I picked up a few oddities on OiNKs over the years, but that’s about it until today when I was reminded of him by a good friend.

Check out the album, samples and his pottery for sale (!!!) on his official site: