Found In the Woods

September 23, 2007


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Now this is scary. A few months ago a video emerged of inmates at a Philippine prison performing a ginormous choreographed dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, made famous in the mid-80s for it’s horror film inspired awesomeness. Remember, this was back when MJ was cool and not a freak. Thriller was the first full-lengh LP I owned myself. I still remember when my Mom turned me down to go see MJ at the Boston Garden… the conversation went something like this (I was 9 at the time): “Mom, I want to go to the Michael Jackson concert!” She replies, without looking at me “is it general seating?” I say “I guess so.” “No” she says. And that was that. But I digress…

Scarier than the original Thriller and even scarier than the plastic surgery bill he has… I give you


[youtube LbvP7dT3Dx0]