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June 5, 2006

4 more years!

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Kristin and I celebrated our fourth anniversary this past weekend. We traveled out to Grantsville, MD and stayed at the Stone Bow Inn. It was wonderful. The inn is situated on the banks of the Cassleman River about a hundred yards away from the “old stone bow”; a bridge constructed in 1813 for the national road, AKA route 40. The inn also shares land with an incredibly active artist community where you can peruse the trades and wares among the scattered old log & mortar buildings which were moved from nearby areas to the commune. To name a few, there is a potter, weaver, metalworker, soapmaker, glassmaker, painter and several historic interpretive sites as well.

On Saturday we visited the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. What a treat. They operate an ex LS&I 1916 Baldwin 2-8-0 from the old WM Cumberland station up to Frostburg, MD. The trip is really nice. We sat in first class which included a nice meal and service throughout the trip. We met some nice folks and really enjoyed ourself. I’ve posted pics of our journey in the Gallery here and here. I’ve also posted a short video of Mountain Thunder ascending the grade toward Frostburg:

November 11, 2005

Helix base in your face

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After a long hiatus I finally got around to working on my model railroad. First step is installing a helix which will allow the train to get from level 1 at 36″ off the floor to level 2 at around 57″. It’s constructed of plywood and 1×4’s mainly. Have a look-see over at my Georgetown Branch page.

November 3, 2005

EBT 2005 Season comes to a close

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This has been a great year for the East Broad Top RR. Just to name a few things, several restoration projects came to a close or made great progress including the rebuild and return to steam for #15, rebuilding of caboose #28 & flat/tourist car #115. Shop buildings saw thousands of volunteer hours ending in newly painted walls, refinished windows, new sheathing, roofing, siding, brickwork, concrete, foundations, trackwork, ties and so much more! It’s a good time to be at the RR. My Dad and I visited to see the Fall colors and #15 in action – what a great day it was! Photos are online here.

October 11, 2005

Rainout at the EBT

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This year was a special year for the East Broad Top RR’s Fall Spectacular, held every Columbus Day. Engine #15 has been restored to service, top to bottom. Since I started going to the EBT, back in 2001, only engine #14 was in service. I longed for seeing and hearing the other steamers but knew that it may never happen due to the high expense in rebuilding a steam loco. When I heard that they were going to restore #15 a few years ago, I have been closely following the progress, occasionally checking in on it in the Roundhouse whenever I visited the RR. So when I heard that she’d make her debut this year at the Fall Spectacular, I was overjoyed.

Unfortunately, this year was nothing but rain and since Kristin and Kyle were both planning on going, we had to opt out. We also needed to have a roofer come visit because of a leak in the roof. All in all it turned out to be a good weekend since Kristin and I did some work on the home Network (pics here), worked the B&ORRHS table at the Great Scale Model Train Show in Timonium, and spent some time with Kyle.

October 4, 2005

The Last Mainline Steam RR in the World

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Railfan, photographer, blogger Scott Lothes is in Northeastern China right now documenting the last remaining mainline steam operation in the world. This is proving to be quite an interesting journey, one which he’s documenting on his blog, World Scott. Thank goodness, because thousands of us can ill afford the fare and time it takes to endure such a journey. Yet it is all of us who love steam and the lore of the era who will live vicariously through Scott’s words. Here is an excerpt:

At 6:00 this morning, our group, now 20 strong with the addition of
nine others the previous day, gathered at trackside a few miles west
of Chabuga. The new sun was orange in the sky, the wind was low and
the air crisp and cool. A plume of steam billowed on the horizon, and
then a locomotive came into a view. Behind it followed a freight
train. Not some photographers’ special touristy freight train, but a
real freight train of cars with loads and destinations, paid for by
customers and powered by steam. It was the first of 15 trains we woud
see in the next twelve hours, every single one of them powered by
burning coal to boil water to make steam to turn rod-coupled driving
wheels. True, they’re just machines, and the diesels that will replace
them in a month will do the exact same job and serve the exact same
purpose, but as the rods flash, the red wheels turn, the whistle hoots
and the steam hisses and seethes from every pore, I can still catch a
fleeting glimpse into that childhood sense of wonder when these
machines lived and breathed in my dreams.

August 16, 2005


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Getting ready for Cape Cod and Ireland… all within a month. Cape to visit family and enjoy the shore for a few days and Ireland with Kris and Kyle to enjoy the Old Country. The O’Sullivan’s are from County Cork which is where we’re going, partly. So, going back to my roots, I guess. Very excited.

Last weekend I gave a presentation at the B&O RR Historical Society’s Brunswick, MD Mini-Con on the Georgetown Branch. It went well. The Georgetown Branch is my main area of interest in railroading, both model and actual. My site can be found here. The Mini-Con was fun too. I got to put many faces with names and hear some interesting presentations. Brunswick is a fascinating town too. One place where you can see so much in the visible and invisible transformation it underwent from a sleepy town along the C&O Canal to a bursting division point on the B&O RR back to a sleepy town, rich with history and gorgeous architecture.

Slowly gaining ground on my long long long long depressing anchor-weight list of projects and to-do’s. Still have a long way to go. Go SOX! We’re 3.5 games ahead of the Yankees… we need to stay there.

June 9, 2005

FEBT May 14, 2005 Work Session

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Recently attended an FEBT work session in Rockhill Furnace @ the EBT. Highlights of the day included painting, installing slope sheets on the side dump hopper, boiler house masonry repairs and some incredible track work. More pics and some movies in the Gallery:

June 8, 2005

B&O RR Logo

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Recently I worked with the B&O RR Historical Society to create a digital form of the B&O’s famous “13 Great States” logo. I scanned in an original blueprint from the 1950’s and traced over it in Adobe Illustrator. Here is the result.

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