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April 26, 2006

Along the rim

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Good gracious, has it been that long? Over a month since the last post hit the streets. Sorry abou that folks. I like to try and dish it out more but sometimes things just go in the other direction and I find myself wandering around far away from das blog.

So lots has gone on since then… some highlights:

  • I celebrated my 31st b-day.
  • We celebrated our 4th anniversary at our current address
  • Got to see the beloved Red Sox conquer the Orioles @ Camden Yards w/ my Dad
  • The kitchen remodeling project began at home. (Pics are up in The Gallery)

So these are just a few things. Life has been good. Spring is here and my allergies won’t let me forget it. Kristin is looking very pregnant and is starting to feel really uncomfortable at night. Seems no position is without soreness… It’s only 1.5 months now until the due date. Kyle is doing great as well. He’s making an early entry into the terrible two’s and is letting us know. He’s into everything and has opinions now about everything. He wants what he wants when he wants it. Or he throws mini-tantrums. It’s funny to watch him process stuff. You can ask him “Kyle, do you want a cracker” … he’ll think for a second and say “Okay!” and shake his head up and down. I love it. It just keeps getting better.

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  1. newcott Says:

    what the heck? where’s the blog entries? Hullo, content?

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