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August 7, 2006

“Are you wearing mascara?”

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“No…. yes.”

I’ve been waiting for years for the great Noah Baumbach film, Kicking and Screaming, to be released on DVD. And here it comes, under the radar and as a Criterion Collection release no less! I couldn’t be happier. I’ve already pre-ordered it on (it comes out 8/22).

Kicking and Screaming is a dry comedy about life post college graduation. Mostly about relationships, the movie is heavily laden with off the wall jokes and witty assemblages; references to boredom-incited literary trances, ill-fated book clubs and inescapable juvenile habits born from insecurity are just a few examples. I particularly enjoy pouring myself a hefty 16+ oz glass of Amaretto Sour and curling up to watch this movie. It has a certain “comfort food” appeal to me. It’s definitely one of my top ten films (if I had such a list, it would be there) and has tremendous nostalgic value as well. It brings me back to the time when I discovered Wes Anderson, Tenacious D, Noah Baumbach and a few others (thank you CHimes). It was a great time. This is a wonderful movie – I’ll gladly give you my VHS copy (if you have a VHS deck) if you’d like to watch it.

“Oh, I’ve been to Prague. Well, I haven’t “been to Prague” been to Prague, but I know that thing, that, “Stop shaving your armpits, read the Unbearable Lightness of Being, date a sculptor, now I know how bad American coffee is thing…”

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  1. paddy Says:

    As I say…"Kick it. Scream it."

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