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August 24, 2005

Back from the Cape

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I just got back from”out the Cape” on a long weekend. Friday through Monday. How I miss New England. We chose to leave early this year, 5:36am to be exact. What a difference it made. We crossed the CT border at precisely 9:36am. Four hours! With 4 stops on the way, we were up there at 2:45pm. It was great getting there early enough to enjoy the afternoon, especially since I could only stay for four days.

Activities included much-needed face time with some extended family, to the beach with Kyle (he’s still not so sure about the sand and water), lounging outside drinking beers and eating hors d’ouvres, playing poker, perusing some of my Grandfathers old tools in the basement, watching the Sox beat the Angels on NESN (Schilling in the 9th keeps the heart rate up), a visit to the Ocean State Job Lot, and lots of pictures and videos (to be posted soon).

It was also great to spend time with my immediate family, including my Bro who lives in CO and rarely makes it East. We shared many stories and caught up. The weather was perfect – cool and breezy in the 70’s. So little has changed there, except the absence of my Grandfather which is probably the toughest. This is the second summer he has been gone and the house gets emptier and emptier. It’s just not the same. But, the Cape is good to us. It’s a wonderful place to decompress and relax. The wind whistles through the pines and the neighbors are either non-existent or very quiet, which is so nice.

Talk is already of having another Thanksgiving get together there like last year. It was great. I hope it happens.

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  1. newcott Says:

    Nice blog, bloggernaut. The Cape is awesome. Bronwen loves it up there. But my favorite place in the New England coast is a small beach town, near Glouchester, called Good Harbor. We used to day-trip there from Boston when I was in school at BU.

  2. Administrator Says:

    I love that area. I have many early memories of the North coast and Glouster area. The old towns up there are really fun, like Manchester – the roads are so narrow and twisty. We used to vacation there when I was a kid living in Newton. Last time I was up there was a few years ago; my Cousin was married in Gloucester.

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