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June 18, 2007

Be an early riser

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Getting up at the breaka-breaka dawn has immense benefits to all of us, especially in terms of productivity, health and wellness. I have gone in and out of being an early riser but recently have been reminded of some solid, well-rounded reasons that I should get back in the habit. Primarily these reasons center around health – it has been nearly six years since I started my downward spiral from healthy to unhealthy, slimmer to fatter. I was going to the gym, biking to work, doing the Body-for-LIFE program (which worked a charm for me) and generally happier. Since then I’ve gained weight, more or less stopped exercising and relaxed my eating habits. My weight has climbed up while my habits went down the 2001 on the AT

So, being an early riser has become another goal of mine. Get to the gym, get on the bike, get outside, get active. It all starts early in the day. That’s where the real gold is. Let’s get back on it…

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