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June 20, 2007

Best spam evar

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My work email address gets tons of spam. This is what happens when you have a sub-par email server w/ mediocre (if any) spam filtering. This one really made me chuckle.

Chicks always laugh at me and even guys did in the WC toilets!
Well now I smile 🙂 at them because I took megadlk for 6 months
and now my disk is much bigger than NATION average piano size. :p
I bought that music disk from this store
league leaders United. Early strikes by Agger and Riise
said as protesters burned a picture of him.
points behind the leaders and needed a win to ensure a
Councilman: Buffalo, N.Y. police to stage “sickout”
a ball for Drogba, but the ensuing shot was off target.

How can the spammers make any money or sell anything if the spam makes no sense at all? These folks, along with meter maids and evil dictators are the scum of the earth.

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