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May 17, 2007

Digging the Pearl

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I’ve never really been into cellphones. They tend to overly bore me (I’m not one of those dudes who wears the borg-like ear piece and is seemingly on the phone at all times, in fact I rarely answer the phone while driving) or overly excite me. (OMG you can take PICTURES on your phoen?! …and teh emails!??!!1! …AND teh Interwebs?!!11!?) While I was in Mexico a month ago one of my friends was showing us his new Blackberry Pearl, which he got free w/ contract from on the T-Mobile network.

When I saw this thing I was totally hooked. My phone was getting old and showing its age. I wanted something more full-featured and I was ready to step up to a smartphone. I really dug the idea of having a mobile camera and email access anywhere. I know, I know, I sound like I just crawled out from a rock. Well, in a sense I have, because I’ve owned a long string of very basic phones, never really wanting to get too involved, until now.

My Pearl arrived a few weeks ago from Wirefly and so far it’s been a blast. So many times I find myself checking in on email, doing instant messaging on the fly, from anywhere there’s a signal, and generally enjoying to use the phone. I still have to get myself acquainted w/ some of the more complex features (like music, Blackberry IM, etc.) but I have time. I’m also going to crossgrade my copy of Missing Sync to support Blackberry (currently have the Palm OS version, which I love) and seek out some more charging/data cables.

SO, as a result of this, I’ve set up a new gallery of my mobile photos on my Flickr site:

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