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February 22, 2007

Meet Dobrhaltar

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Warcraft has been a huge time sink in my life over the last few months. In fact, on one of my characters alone I've spent 16 solid days of my life playing. I have enjoyed every minute (save those when getting ganked by Horde) and plan on spending many more. Warcraft allows you to choose from various races and classes and further customize your character by choosing various talents (doled out 1 point at a time each time you level up), professions and skills.

For my first character, now my Main, I chose a Human Warrior spec'd out in Arms and Fury talents. For all you Warcraft geeks out there, here's a link to my talent trees as of level 50, where I currently am. For professions I chose Blacksmith/Mining of which I'm up to 262/276, which allows me to make some great weapons/armor. Anyway, I'm having fun w/ this and it's a work in progress. Kristin is leveling up her Mage character (currently 43) and both of us have started new Alts to enjoy the low level game play once again. I've said it before, this is hands-down one of the best video games I've ever played. I'm having a blast leveling the characters and I have been lucky to get into a great Guild with tremendous talent and potential for end game play. To battle!


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  1. Eladio Says:

    *cough* GEEK *cough*

  2. newcott Says:

    Do you guys "do it" in warcraft?  It makes perfect sense that you would.  I hope you make wonderful children in warcraft.  Level up your dong.

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