Found In the Woods

March 1, 2006


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I’m not one to subscribe too often to trends – most of the time they bore me to death or are already played out. The other day I read an article in the Washington Post about the increased popularity of Moleskine (see title for prononunciation) notebooks. These little black notebooks are the neatest thing I’ve seen in ages. I had to have one. to the rescue, 3 days later it’s in my hands and I must say I’m most pleased.

The book has a great feel to it – the cover is strong but not too heavy. The paper is high quality and I love the way that it curls ever so slightly after being opened for a while. In the back is a small accordion folder for small papers (a surprise to me). There’s a simple ribbon bookmark, ever so handy. And, of course, there’s the elastic band to keep your book closed or the pages from fluttering around.

I dig the Moleskine. I have written in a journal/notebook off and on since college and I treasure each and every one. They are a window into my past, into a time when thought flowed much more freely and in different streams of consciousness. I hope that my thoughts, sketches and words will find a comfy home in this new book.

Update After a little bit more searching, I uncovered a veritable Moleskine city online! The fans are everywhere. There is a great Flickr pool here showing various notebooks.

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