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February 6, 2007

Northwards and Downwards

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A trip a long time in the making is finally happening this weekend. On Thursday I'm leaving work around 2pm and heading North. I'll pick up Bob & Brett in Wilmington and then we're off to Rutland, VT for 3 days of skiing. It's been a long time since I've been to Vermont and I miss it. I first skiied at Ski Roundtop in PA on a Fourth Presbyterian Church youth retreat back in 1991. I learned to ski in VT back in Jan '96 with Bob & Brett. That trip was a riot. I turned 21 while there and spent the evening at this place, drinking beer with the locals and being served by a bartender that closely resembled (and may have been; it was off-season) Santa Claus. After that trip I was hooked on skiing and hooked on Vermont. Between that winter and '99 I must have driven up to Vermont about 12 times with these guys and others. It has a very special spot in my memory.

Which is why I'm particularly siked about this trip. It's been a long time since I've been up there (last time was with Kristin back in 2002, I think) and it's been even longer since I had a trip with Bob & Brett. It'll be tough (I'm way out of shape and haven't skiied much in the last few years) but worth it. I hope to have some pics to share when I get back. No doubt I'll have stories. 

 Julie & Ben in VT

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  1. Pauly Says:

    Welcome back. How about some pictures?

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