Found In the Woods

June 19, 2007


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Part of the responsibilities of my main character in Warcraft is to tank. This means that when we go into a battle, I stand up front, get the mob (monster, whatever) really angry with me so that he beats on me and no one else. I use every ability I have to get “aggro” or his attention and keep it on me. This allows the rest of my group to dump all of their effort into doing damage and whooping the mob’s arse. This can be stressful (if I lose aggro and the mob goes after another party member or if another mob comes into the fold, etc.) and difficult but I just love it. It’s probably the most appealing aspect of playing the class of Warrior to me and I look forward to the challenge in every instance.

Here’s a great guide on the WoW forums which lays out the philosophy of tanking and how to do it well. 

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