Found In the Woods

August 4, 2005


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Lately I've been really into the BitTorrent thing. It's really amazing what stuff you can find out there. I've tried out a few clients too and am now on Azureus, which I think I'll stay with. Nice interface and monitoring. I still have tons to explore with it. Kyle is walking now. It's really a riot. He sort of does this cowboy thing where he's a little bow-legged as he walks. He gets so excited and will sometimes throw his hands up into the air as he walks. I just love to see him grow. He is starting to figure out spaces – you know, being able to put things inside other things and then remove them. Dead Can Dance are coming to Bethesda. (I know, can you believe it?) They've reunited for a tour. Oct 10 is the magic night. Tix go on sale tomorrow at 10. Hopefully we'll be able to score a few.

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