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August 21, 2006

You had to mess with it, didn’t you?

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Last Friday, while cleaning and fidgeting with my 8-month-old Palm T|X I noticed it had suddenly taken on a strange behavior where the input of the stylus was off by a few inches. I tried everything, changing settings, resetting it, etc. Nothing seemed to work, until… well, read my email to a coworker:

this evening I decided to figure out what was wrong with my Palm T|X. After reading about a hard reset and backing up all my sync data on my Mac, I set out to hard reset the device. I pored over what could be the culprit for it to suddenly start behaving so strangely- the whole screen calibration thing.

After the hard reset, it dawned on me. While I was sitting there at the TT meeting, one of the things I was fidgeting with on the T|X was the screen protector. The sheet of sticky plastic that covers the screen to prevent scratches. There was a tiny lip riding up on one edge that I'd pushed down into the corner w/ the end of the stylus, ever so gently. Well, that was enough to jam under the edge juuuuuuust enough so that the sensor saw an input there… which is why the whole damn thing was acting so wacky.

I removed the protective sheet and the thing works fine again.

Thank goodness for Mark/Space's Missing Sync for Mac OS X… it's 3rd party sync'ing software. This is a godsend for folks like me. They do Palm, Windows Mobile, Sony PSP, and a couple other OS'. Truly wonderful.

Anyway, I did a restore and all is back to normal. PHEW!! 🙂 I'm a happy camper. It was my own dam fault.

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